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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 9 Entrada de Copan

 The water and electricity is pretty consistent, there had only been three days we didn’t have water.  The power goes out a couple times a week but usually only for 10 minutes or so. I know he has been looking for the water heater thing I went into a store with him one day when we were on splits. Also this week, I went on splits with Elder D. because both of our companions were sick. Mine was sick for 2 days with a fever over 40 degrees Celsius, but he is taking antibiotics so he is better. We just went to a laboratory and had his blood sampled and then we sent it to the nurse. We did this in our town. There are a lot of laboratories.

Does your district or zone take in Copan ruins?   Will you be able to visit then?

We went to Copan ruins today it was expensive, but it was interesting and really wasn’t that expensive I think I spent near 500 lempiras so a quarter of the money I have for the next two weeks, but it was a fun p day.  How far away are the ruins from your house?  We rented a bus to get to the ruins today.  It was like an hour and a half in a bus going a very high speed around tight curves. Some people were getting carsick, but no one threw up, thank goodness. I have a lot of pictures that I will send.  I also bought a shirt for 90 lempira.   For Lunch we ate more in the center of the city, not at the ruins itself it is a tourist trap and is expensive. The picture of the red drink was from lunch today it was like a strawberry slush it was good. Was that the first birds that you have seen? 

How was your week?  Ok, but sometimes it was frustrating with the language. Sometimes I can’t even ask my companion a question because he will take everything wrong and avoid questions. But other than his misunderstandings and my fears to talk to people, it has been ok.

What was your spiritual experience this week?  Teaching with Elder D.  on splits.  We taught lesson #2 to N. and M., Spanish was easy, I only messed up on a couple things and asked how to say the Word. I wish it were always like that, just to see how the gift of tongues can work was amazing.  Other than that time, Spanish has been really hard this week, but it will come over time.   We had 3 investigators come to church this week. N., M., and one other family’s kids.

Have you had to bear your testimony or speak in church yet? Or teach a lesson? I have not had to speak in church or bear my testimony thank goodness. But I have taught some parts of lessons.

Are the members starting to feed you more often? Are you loosing or gaining weight? I think that I am the same weight. The members feed us about 3 days a week but just one meal.  Did your favorite grandma member feed you lunch this week?  Yes. But it had the heart and guts in it. But that is normal; I just don’t like to eat that.  Madi wants to know the strangest thing you have eaten? Chicken with all the guts. I only ate the heart and then when no one was looking I threw it out in to the Street and a dog ate it. 

Are you still visiting the same members everyday?  No we are not visiting the same members every day I finally got him to change that.

What service did you do this week?  We moved someone.  I ripped my pocket partially off my shirt but it was only the stitches, so I can fix it easily.

 I think that I might go and buy a blanket. In the mornings it is really cold.

I made pancakes; I don’t trust my companion’s cooking because he doesn’t understand sanitation that well.   I share most of the time, but when he was sick he didn’t want pancakes so he had cereal.  Syrup is easy to find and it is cheap, really in dollars but in lempiras it seems expensive. Yes I buy my eggs in the store I bought 15 eggs; I need to start eating more eggs. Milk comes in bags. 

Have you had any thing close to Chinese food?  No, but there is a Chinese restaurant, maybe we will have to go and try it.

How are the buses or tuck tucks?   Which do you like Better?  Send a picture of the tuck tucks, are they leftover from India or new? There are both types.  I found my new second favorite car, the Toyota land cruiser truck.  There are a lot of beaters. I will try and take pictures of the cars. The busses range from ok to terrible.

Love you son work hard.  I will do my best.  I am glad to be your son. Thanks for being supportive good and loving parents. I love you all.

Love you and good-bye for another short week.

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