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Monday, November 10, 2014

Week 10 Entrada de Copan

I just checked your package and it is still on the truck for delivery.  We will see if the package gets delivered to me. Technically all packages are supposed to be mailed through us mail but we will see.  I am more worried about the address saying east not west, then they have to ship it another three hours to get it to me. But if it gets to the mission office today I will get it tomorrow. If it gets to the mission office later than today I will get it next Tuesday.

What was your most spiritual event of the week?
We were teaching a menos active named F. and he finally told us why he didn’t feel like he could come to church. It was family issues. He was alone when he told us this but later his wife came in and we sang a hymn, and talked about the atonement. It was interesting I think the wife was crying. The spirit was so strong it was amazing. After we finished teaching he made us a banana milk ice thing with chocolate powder on top. 

 Tell us about somebody that you met this week?
Hermana B. I met her and she can’t read and she can’t hear very well, but we taught her anyway. Funny thing, when I said the prayer I said the wrong name, but all is good. She is always in a praying position and she says she is always praying in silence. She is funny. 

 Do you see people with guns?  Do you feel safe?
OH there are guards with guns at every large pharmacy, bank and in the center of town with the police station. I feel safe most of the time. There was only one time this week I felt a little unsafe and it was with these guys that were swearing at me. Also sometimes with the drunk people, it is sketchy. 

Do you every have to travel to other cities for meeting?  Do you ever hear from the Mission President?
Yes this Sunday we are going to conferencia de districto.  It is like stake conferences but there is not a stake it is just a district.  I don’t know if I meet the mission president very often. I was told usually once a transfer but not yet.

How is the language coming? 
I think is is coming, I am starting to get to the point I can say what I want to say.

What did you do today?  We went to Santa Rosa and played volleyball and then we went up another way and ate at a members house, all of us. It was amazing and best of all he spoke English. I am going to go and get my haircut after I finish emailing. It is beginning to get long. There is a rule in the mission, we have to have a guy cut our hair, and so we have to look a little harder. 

Any pictures this week?  I think the camera is broken. We will see I am trying to borrow a card reader.  Hope not, but they say the humidity ruins things fast there.  NO I just put the battery in backwards but I got it out so its good.   Well one end is square and the other round I have no idea how it happened. 

We ate at this Chinese restaurant this food cost us 200 limps or 10 bucks but you could easily feed 6 with it. Food was really good surprisingly. 

The first picture is in a bakery called the Oriental Bakery, they sell some good breads. My favorite bread is called a semitone. 

There are just some pictures of the area. Its not really pretty just green and cinderblock and weird house paints.

More pictures of the area and of course we took a picture in front of the Catholic Church.

These are of Hermana S. house she gives us lunch every Sunday. She always uses organic and home made everything.

On P day we go shopping for food to the Despensa.   
This is the doughnut I bought because I like them, they cost 12 lempiras but are well worth it, they are called relampagos

This picture was at a members house but it is not in our area he made us lunch and he speaks English, he likes bear lake and Logan.  Has he been to Utah?  Yes he came through with his motorhome. Also he wants his kids to go to USU.  He lived in Tooele for several years.  Also my companion has been to Logan to look at USU. 

How many investigators are you teaching and how are you finding them.
We have about 9 real investigators some are from references and the others are from contacting. 

Are you finding inactive members as well? 
Yes I think there are as many inactive as active in the branch.

 Can you take your camera out tracking and take pictures of ward members and buildings or is It not safe to do that?  No I can take pictures with the ward members. 

 Are transfers every six weeks?  Does everyone go in or do they call and tell you to pack and just those being transferred go? Transfers are every six weeks or more I think I don’t know, but I am with my companion for 12 weeks at the least. Yes they tell us if we’re being transferred so we can travel to the transfer meeting. 

Are you teaching any children?  Yes one named N.  we set a date for his baptism on the first visit. His family are members, but his dad is less active. He currently goes to another church but we think with some work we can get him baptized this month if he comes to church and completes the commitments and feels it is the right thing to do

Love you all and I look forward to another short week. It feels like the time is flying. Keep me posted on where Steven gets his call to. Have fun and be safe and feed the missionaries if you get a chance. It is amazing to think that here we are served any thing no matter how good or bad. I think I had tortillas made with soap water but all is well.

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