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Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 11 Entrada de Copan

Madi wants to know if you have spoken to the preacher again?  We have talked to the preacher again but I can’t remember why. He always waves to us when we are walking on the side of the street. 

We taught a lesson to Hna. R.  she was a reference from the president of the district he is very nice. She is really prepared to receive this message, we taught the lesson with the family of President . and it was amazing. President O. said I love this look at the gift of tongues in action. You can’t understand all of it, but the spirit is there to do the rest.   Also we taught 2 investigators Hna. Y. and Hna. J. the book of Mormon, we taught them on the front porch of a house and some were sitting on the ground.  Hmo. W. came with us and it was powerful. My companions glasses broke so he ordered new ones and they should be here tomorrow he is using the headlight to read and walk because he can’t see without it. 

How are the investigators coming along and did any of them come to the conference. We have one investigator with a baptism date for the 13 of next month his name is N. and we also have one man that we are going to set a date this week, he comes to church every week with his wife so he should be easy. Of course both of these are part member families. 

Do you meet with the ward mission leader or don't they have one? Yes we have a Ward Mission Leader Hno. W. M., We meet with him twice a week, he makes cookies in the Popolar, which is where everyone works. He is cool and likes to jokes.   Many people don’t think that I understand what they are saying, but that makes it just that much funnier. 

How often do you wear the suit?   Only have to wear it to special meetings and conferences.  How was the district conference and where was it held how did you get there? We got there by bus, it was a long hour and a half bus ride and some people got motion sickness.  We woke up at 4 Sunday morning and walked out to Santa Luz in the middle of nowhere and tried to gather all the people, who had committed to come to the conference of the district, to one house so a bus could pick us up.   It was necessary to have 15 or more people for the bus to come. Well, all of the people we had confirmed fell through, except one family that are members, they brought one non-member. We ended up with twelve so we had to make the 40-minute walk back to the cappia in our suits and with our bags, wow this was a walk and our feet hurt, but I know that this is the work of the Lord and he will make it happen.    I found this trianchula in a house in Santa Luz, it is literally 5 inches in diameter.  Do most of the houses have doors?  Yes but some houses are made out of sticks and like bags for the walls, of course there is power that is very scary. 

Best food this week I think it was the pancakes with hash browns that I made yesterday for dinner.   This week I found hash browns and oh they are good. Well I have syrup and I know where I can buy bacon but I haven’t yet, I like to eat Longanisas, it is like a spicy sausage that you can buy in almost any pulperia, it is cheap 6 lempiras. I cut it in half and throw it in a pan and cook it good. I have learned when you buy syrup it has to say jarabe de maple not just jarabe because it is not maple at all, it is just sugar which is good but not as good. 

Have you done any service in the past week? Who was it for? No I can’t remember specifically what we have done this week for service but we did something I just can’t remember.

Did you get over your cold? And are you still using your towel as a blanket?  I just sleep with more clothes, but something more than a sheet would be good. Yes I got over my cold I think. We come in contact with so many sick people, everyday and often times two times a days.   After they get over one sickness, another hits.  There is a lot of dangue, and we think chickengunya, flu, and colds we see all of it in one day. 

Is the language getting better or was it a difficult week?  I think the language is getting better, when I was at the conference and to hear the others who are new speaking, I feel like I am coming along in the Spanish. I can say a lot now, but sometimes slaughter the pronunciation and I cant’ spell but other than that ok. 

The power always goes out and of course when we least want it to. Some how it always goes out when we are praying, we shut are eyes then the power goes out, then we finish and there is no light.  This is really weird but it has happened a lot.

Today for p day we went to a waterfall, it was cool.   It is called Shell Falls, but in Spanish.   Are those step-looking things with the water running down man made?  No they are natural and they are filled with shells.  After our hike, we ate at Molly’s pizza for lunch it was just ok, but it was food and how good can you expect a 6-dollar pizza to be?  It was similar to Little Caesar’s well it was but little Caesar’s is better. 

 I get to learn how to make baleadas today after p day ends, I have an activity lined up with a menos activo and she is going to teach us how to make them. I just have to bring the flour and baking soda. Her name is Hna. E. S. and she is the sister of Hna S. who owns the Clinica and feeds us every Sunday for lunch. 

How is the sister doing with your laundry? Do you need any replacement clothes yet?  No it is fine she washes them better than the machines in the ccm. I ripped a pocket off one of my shirts moving a couch, but it is easy to fix when I have time.   There is a man named Jorge Reyes that I will have fix the pocket.

Is that Toyota ambulance your new favorite car?

Yes I got my haircut and a straight razor shave on my neck, all for 30 lempiras or 1.50 dollars.

Love you and thanks for all you do to support me, I look forward to emailing you next week. Please send pictures of the pizza oven. 

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