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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Week 4 in the Guatemala MTC

How was your week?
It was so fast it seems like the last two weeks were 2 days.

How is it going with your companion? Are you having fun? I am having a lot of fun. It is better with this companion. We taught the best lesson we ever taught before and that was really fun just to see how the spirit can guide you in the lesson. It was so good, the teacher came and talked to us after and was like "wow". 

Ok grandma I like your car it looks good. Do you like it, and why are you scared to drive it?  It’s a car and it is suppose to be driven. I like that there are real rims on the new cars and not just plastic hubcaps. I have seen quite a few cars down here. It is very fun to see several raiders drive past every few minutes and three or four vw bugs every several minutes.  Jeeps, I have seen a lot of the new Cherokees and many sweet land rovers and range rovers in Guatemala.   It is pretty nice but it always smells like diesel because the busses and cars don’t even have exhaust systems and they don’t have to meet any emissions standards. 

Do you like the normal towel, or the microfiber towel better?
I don’t know I haven’t used anything but the microfiber towel, I like it but it seems to need washed regularly. My companion has these types of towels and he can’t seem to understand why I wash mine so often. They get a really sour rag smell so I wash it every 2 to 3 days. 

Today I am just going to class and doing language and personal study and I also have to teach 2 lessons to investigators. Are these investigators Latino for this class or are they just two people in your class?  Well we have several investigators many of them are Latino elders or Hermana’s and the others are our teachers and other Norte’s. We teach a good variety. Sometimes it is so hard to teach because the investigator only knows the words “si” and we can’t teach, even if we know enough Spanish, because yes and no questions are hard to make worth while.  We have good teachers here Hermana C. and Hermana B. they are return missionaries, Hermana C. is a little strict because she feels that our success in in her hands, but this is just because we are the first district she has ever taught.  But every night I don’t want to hear how bad we are for an hour because we forgot something in our lesson and when we try and explain we don’t like it when she stares us down over our shoulder when we are teaching, she could only come up with the word “verguenza” meaning shame, and it was way out of proportion. But it is ok, I guess she just doesn’t know what we mean. She is pretty funny, you should have seen her try and say wow, she said woh'm . 

Don’t send anything,’ it seems that it is way cheaper to buy the stuff here and you buy stuff for your companion many of the kids here can’t buy anything and don’t even get letters from their families. One elder, Elder Flores had a gang that took all his money and stuff 40000 US worth and were going to kill him if he didn’t give it to them so he gave it to him and left on his mission. 

We are checking on a shipping company called Dip Shipping from US to Honduras.  I'm not sure how long it will take but we'll give it a shot, a big box (24 by 24 by 18 ) no weight limit is only 45$ from Houston to Honduras. That’s insane how much is a small box?  Give it a try and send my razor. That would be great that’s the only thing that I really need and other than that I would take my hammock mosquito net. 

Are you excited to meet the other elders going to your mission?  Don’t they come tomorrow?
Yes very, I hope they are better than the group we have right now,  Some of them went around and got every girl’s email addresses.

What does your companion like to do now that you've had a whole week to get to know him?
He likes to snowmobile and motorbike and he worked at a lake and did fly boarding for his job. 

Tonight all the elders pile into a single bedroom like a 10 by 15 foot room and sing; last time the elder’s left we packed almost 100 people in this room.   The temperature increased almost 30 degrees to near 95 degrees by the time we left the room.

I am almost out of Guatemala money, but I don’t want to exchange more because I don’t want quetzals because I cant use them in Honduras and it costs 2 bucks so I will wait until Honduras and withdraw the max. amount probably 4000 lempiras (200 bucks). 

Korbin said there was a couple kids in the Mexico ccm that are coming to my mission so I hope to meet them in a couple weeks. 

The funniest things that happened this week, one elder bearing his testimony was talking about his gay friend when he meant to say his girl friend in testimony meeting very weird and funny.  Also Elder R in my district drank a ton of orange juice in like 30 seconds and we made him start to laugh and he spit it or puked it all over, we can’t tell which one but it was a lot of orange juice. 

Pretty much everyone in this district is going to a BYU.  Tons of people and many of them are way cool. Also Elder R. from Logan came to the ccm 2 weeks ago that was a surprise to me. 

Well you should see the temple workers here, half of them are the teachers at the ccm and the others are the presidency and CCM nurse. What does the CCM nurse do? There are a lot of diarrhea and constipation cases and sometimes some worse sicknesses. They have pretty much all medicines and all the equipment it sounds like in Guatemala, but Honduras sounds like another story. One of the teachers had cancerous skin removed and stuff like that, this isn’t a 3rd World Country it is a 2nd. 

OH I get to go to Wendy’s and on a city tour on Wednesday and I get to go to a huge underground market so it should be great. I have used almost all my quetzals and I need to get some more.   Hermano D sells stamps, gets suits dry-cleaned for 44 quetzals and exchanges money, or there is an ATM in the ccm.  I love the scripture cases I bought and I should be getting another preach my gospel case in a week or 2.

Why no cameras on the field trip?  Are they worried about you looking rich and then making other missionary's targets for theft? The last group that went to the market didn’t turn in all their cameras so they decided they wouldn’t even give us the opportunity to have them. We get them when we get on the bus to go to the airport. 

I wish I had a bike I am getting tired of sitting in the same uncomfortable chair 16 hours a day, but I think I am loosing weight and getting stronger because we work out every day.  We are definitely the most fit district, except there is another kid that went to west point that is ripped. No I am getting skinnier. Some of the other guys gained weight Many of the elders are tearing their pants on the sides but with the pleated pants I have a lot of extra room
It is time for me to end.   Love all of you. 

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