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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Week 3 in the Guatemala MTC

How is basketball going, can you dunk it?
No we can’t even hang on the rim. And all the balls are terrible. So we usually play volleyball.

How are the beds?
 They are small but I am so tired at the end of the day I sleep well.

Please spend you Guatemala money, you don't need to carry it for the rest of you mission. OH I have spent a lot. I bought a razor, and today I bought scripture covers and pencils and a leather bookmark with my name and my mission on it. It was only a buck. 

Have you had to talk I church yet?  I heard that sacrament meeting is like the hunger games and the reaping to see who is going to speak that week.  I also read a blog that said you and you companion also have to prepare a lesson for Sunday school and then they randomly pick who teaches.  Is this true? 
Yes it is true I haven't been chosen to speak yet and it may not happen because we have 2 fast Sundays and general conference, my odds of speaking went way down. I have taught once now and it isn’t bad because we haven’t had to do it in Spanish yet.

Tell us about the people in your district
There are10 of us:
Elder H from Utah
Elder M from Utah
Elder H from California
Elder T from Washington
Elder R from Utah
Elder M is from Idaho
Elder M from Utah
Sister C from Utah
Sister C from Utah

They are all good people and we keep our class fun but sometimes we don’t accomplish much.  The Mission president did a changed a couple of companionships this week my new companion is Elder H he is from Salt Lake City.

Yes I am still eating everything. Yesterday we had the best meal it was like spicy chicken soup and we had tamale type things cooked in banana leafs with rice and a desert thing. And some salsa that was way spicy. We really don’t get beans that often but rice all the time. The fruit is good but I have been only eating the kiwi when they have it and I eat a whole bowl, probably about 5 kiwis. 
We went to a small market and they had some amazing looking sushi at this high-end restaurant I would have totally eaten there. We have had fish several times here at the ccm and it is amazing. I get weird fruit drinks all the time here sometimes I wish they had a label because I can’t distinguish the flavor. They use tons of puff pastry, like insane amounts, there is a lot of wrapped stuff and lots of turnovers for desert and best of all it is all hand made.  They really don’t get anything frozen, they cooking from 7 to 7 it is insane. I got a piece of chicken, like the stuff we got in Canada, and it was really good, buy when I got down around to where the foot is and there was still feathers, but it was still really good.

Have you been able to leave the ccm this week?

Yes today we left for the temple. And we got out and walked a few blocks it was nice because the CCM is literally on a lot smaller than our yard almost.

I feel like the language is coming slowly, I understand a lot but I cant say what I want to. I think I have been getting better at Spanish for the most part I can say what I want to say, but sometimes I need help with connecting words.

Have you sent any letters if so I haven't gotten them.  Yes, we have sent at least 2 letters each week from   Letters have gotten through to other people but very few. Well we will see if they ever come.

When I get out in the field and have my camera I think that I will just take pictures of my journal entries and send them to you so you can really see what we do.

The funniest thing that happened this week, one of the other elders put a bun into a toaster, like our conveyor one, and it lit on fire and filled the whole cafeteria with smoke. NO the smoke alarm didn’t go off.

 I always want to fix their projectors because there always projecting half the image off the screen and they are so out of focus you can’t even tell whose on them when we watch videos and devotionals.

I am the only one going to San Pedro Sula west. All the Latinos going to my mission should arrive next Tuesday.  Many of the Latinos ask me and the other elders questions of what words mean and they always choose swearwords because most Latinos learned how to speak English from American music.

My next p day is on nest Tuesday or Wednesday I am not sure but I get to leave the ccm for most of the day to go to the big market and go on a tour of the city. So I am excited to be able to go shopping and see a little of the city. My times for emailing is up, love you all and hope you have a good week.

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