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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Week 5 in the Guatemala MTC

How was the shopping trip?  The one to the market was pretty good I didn’t buy anything; it wasn’t as big of a market as I wished it would be. I just bought stuff from the people who come to the CCM every other week and sell things, which happens to be cheaper than in the market.   I have matching scripture cases and I also spent the rest of my quetzals on stuff at the Centro de Distribucion.

I feel pretty safe in Guatemala, although it was kind of weird going to Wendy’s and having a gate to get to the parking lot. They had a foosball table at Wendy’s.  It was good, I had a baconator and a large fry and a medium frosty and a large Fanta. My comp spilled his Fanta all over his shirt and dropped his frosty because he was trying to tuck in his tie.  They have the BEST LAW EVER; they have to have your order to you in less than three minutes at all chain fast food restaurants. Even with 100 of us at Wendy’s still fewer than 3 minutes. I even ordered all by my self in Spanish, that’s a different experience.  You have a lot more like that coming real soon.  Yes its not that bad, it’s easy in present and future tenses but I am terrible at past tense imperfect and preterite. 

How is the weather this week?  It has been nice, one day while we were playing volleyball; it laid down a couple inches of water my shoes were soaking. But it was fun

Did you watch General Conference in English or Spanish?  In English it was very long because the chairs we have aren’t very confortable.   I sat on the front row because if you sit any farther back you don’t have any legroom.   What was your favorite talk about?  I don’t remember like usual, but I took over 30 pages of notes and unlike many I didn’t fall asleep. I liked a talk from someone with a really weird name but I don’t have my notes with me to tell you.

When you switched companions did you have to move bunks?  I moved, if I let him move he would have taken days. I moved in all of seven minutes. Elder H. looks cool.  Usually, there was one day that we were running a little late in the morning and he put his pants on over his exercise shorts and wore them for the day until we went to the bathroom and he realized he was still wearing the shorts, that was the funniest thing this week.  He likes to snowmobile and motorbike so I can do that with him when we get back.  We were just messing around in those pictures; my companion always makes a funny face. 

There are 5 elders going to my mission, 4 Latinos and me.   They are cool but none of them speak any English.  Are you the tallest one going to Honduras?  Ooh by far. Most of the Latino elders that are going there are way short.  I probably fly out at like 5 in the morning, I think or earlier.   I can call you, but I don’t know if I want to, that morning in the airport.  On Saturday and Sunday I will pack. I unpacked about half of my stuff but it will be really easy to pack the rest I have to be packed by 8 o’clock on Monday morning to weigh my suitcases. Of course I will sing on Sunday night. (This coming from the person who hates to sing)

You’re going to learn to speak Spanish really well.  Sure, I understand most of it but I can’t speak that much, more like I choose not to, but I won’t have a choice in a week.  I’m sure I will be fine; I will probably even be speaking perfect Spanish by then. Who knows where I will be at though we will see next Wednesday! All I can say about how Spanish is going, I have it a lot easier than Korbin and Ryan who are speaking it in the states where most people speak English. I love to talk with the Latinos at lunch and dinner.   I usually sit with the guys going to my mission.   When I talk, its good, but sometimes I don’t even want to.  I understand what they’re saying if they talk loud and a hair slower. It seems like the Spanish spoken from people from South America such as Peru and Ecuador is the easiest to understand. 

MTC District 

What did you have to wear?  We could wear whatever we wanted.  The district chose sweaters.  I wasn’t excited, one of the guys brought several of them so he loaned me one.  Yeah that’s the first and last time I will have to wear a sweater.

I don’t have that much to say about the ccm maybe after a while in the field I will have some amazing stories. I know that I will be able to get through anything and I am excited to have the new challenges of the field. 

Love you all


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