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Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 29 Santa Ana

What was the spiritual experience of the week? Well I have too many spiritual experiences this week and some that I don’t want to share because the will be good stories when I get back. The spiritual experience that I had this week happened on Wednesday I ended up in divisions with Hno. M., the one that will be moving to Idaho or Utah this week. We learned how to talk to whatever person we saw in the street, I think that I came out of my shell and realized that it is not as hard to talk with people. We cut down a tree, I had to cut it out of the power line too. I just climb trees in my church pants. It was only like 15 feet tall, all of the trees here excrete a milky substance when they are cut and it is terrible. This helped me figured out what the rash I had was from. One day I climbed a big old mango tree and well I think that I got this stuff on me and it burned me, it is very alkaline.    We taught some lessons and the spirit was so strong because we were working so hard. I think that this was the day that I worked the hardest in the mission. We saw the fruits of our labor on Sunday when we had new investigators in the sacrament meeting, some that we haven’t even visited before.

Did you make the move to the new apartment? Is the hammock up and why don't they fill the holes along the roof where the walls meet? That is one of the questions that I have, why don’t they fill all of the holes? I think it is so that all of the hot air can escape. The hammock is hung in the house. I sleep in it every night. I have close to three months only in a hammock.  Is the landlord renting out your old apartment or what is he doing with it? Are you across the street from the church in the pictures it looked like a church? Yes there is a Catholic church in front of us, they always are having their meetings. or school. Is the Person that you rent from a member? Do you visit with them very often? The people we rent from aren’t members but we talk with them a lot because they have a pulperia and we are always buying things. we are going to move back in to our old apartment in a couple of days, they are just putting tile in it and fixing it up.

When is the next transfer date? The next transfer is the April 1
Will you go into SPS to watch conference or do they broadcast it to your ward building? They broadcast it to every ward building and there is a lot of Internet here so many people will watch it in their houses. 

Have you been doing any special programs for Easter like you did at Christmas time?  Yes we are starting a new initiative called “Because of Him” click on the link below to see it.

When is your Stake Conference?   We had stake conference a while back but this week we had the ward conference and well we had do to a special music number, we sang Teach Me to walk in the light in Spanish and English?  There was a piano player and there were about 10 of us that sang.

What has the weather been like?  It’s always like 94 or hotter. 

How many people are you teaching 
?  Right now we only have one with a baptism date, normally we have about 6 that we are teaching. 

For p day, we went to the bus terminal and ate at Burger King; I ate a new whopper with bacon and a mango slushy. We bought shoes, big sizes are cheaper because there’s not a demand for them.   We found some sweet timberlands for 20 bucks. I also bought a knife to cut my coconuts and watermelons and the occasional service project. It has a saw on the back that is the same as the saw that is on our pole saw the brand is trouper, it is way sharp. 

The knife and the file cost 290 lempiras but I bought the best that there was. Did you use the machete on the tree you cut down or a saw?  We used a machete and brute force; they do everything with machete even cut the lawn.   We should use them more.

How are you feeling? I am feeling better I have talked with the nurse and she is getting me an appointment with the mission dentist and that should be good. I am taking a cough syrup because I have a lot of mucus in my throat, but I think that is getting better slowly. 

When is the member coming to the states? Does he have a ticket yet?  He doesn’t have his ticket but I think this week. I told him you would take him and his wife to dinner so if he calls do it. 

Have you seen R. is he up and moving? No he is still with a cast but he is doing well. I really thought that he was going to die because of an infection I hope he will be good as new soon.

Thanks for everything. I have had another good week.

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