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Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 28 Santa Ana

What was the spiritual experience of the week? We have had some very powerful lessons this week I will share a few of them. We were with Hna A. R. the Hermanna that has a baptism date for the 28th, we were teaching her with N. M. here in the ward building and we talked about the example that she should strive to be to her children. I shared how good of examples you guys have been to me and corrected me when I was straying form the path. She said ok, the spirit was very strong.

Another experience we had was while we were teaching Hna I., she was tormented with all the bad things that had happened to her as a child, like her mom always said she hated her and then some of the family paid the gang to come and kill her, she was behind the house 6 hours with the people who wanted to kill her and that no one wants her. She has had a hard life and just to feel to power of the spirit when we were talking about the atonement was powerful. We had one day that we were very spiritually in-tune and 3 of the investigators cried. 

Did you have a visit from Elder Anderson from the quorum of the twelve apostles last Friday, how was that? It was very good we all shook his hand. Elder Anderson is very inspired and I really liked his talk.  One of the things that happened was I saw one of the kids from high school, Cade P. he is in the San Pedro Sula East Mission. There is a picture of Cade and me.

Did you do anything for p-day this week? Yes we ate lunch with many of the youth that have their mission calls or are returned from the mission. And we played soccer. 

Do you have to pay for your own utilities? We don’t pay our own utilities. But I will send you pictures of our house next week for now we will be moving into a new house that our land lord built in front and who knows it might be permanent. When do you move to this other place? Tonight in the night I think. It’s like 5 feet in front of our apartment door. The new house is literally new. It is huge and nice so I think that the living conditions are better. I can still hang my hammock from the ceiling.

Have you had any rain? When does the rainy season start? There hasn’t been any rain and I have no idea when the rainy season starts. 
I have been using Photoshop to make things for the ward conference. There is a new blog from an elder Ollie that is on the blog list.  It looks like he might be in your zone or district Yes he is in my zone but not in my district.

This week I think that I had chickengunya and it was not to fun.  I still have a sore throat but it is all ok.   The chickengunya isn’t that bad, but I think I still have a little bit of it going on in my body but it won’t kill me. I think that I have a cavity so I will see what I need to do to have it fixed. I just asked the president so he will tell me. What do you think because it was one of the ones I thought was a cavity but Dr. Ellis said that it wasn’t a cavity but I think that it is.

I don’t have any more time to email and have to go so love you all and I hope that I will have more time to email this next week.

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