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Monday, December 8, 2014

Week 14 Entrada de Copan

Please tell us about you Saturday lunch, was it mondongo or another type of soup? I didn’t get mondongo. My prayers were answered.   We got soup with pork it was good, and I didn’t get sick this time. 

As usual what was your spiritual experience of the week. I am not going to share my spiritual experience right now; it is going to go in the letter for the young men and young women. It is about S. L..  This is another experience we had; we were looking for a family and they weren’t in their house. So we sat down on the concrete step and said a prayer asking for guidance of where to go to find someone to teach. When we finished praying I said had seen a family down this street around the corner that I wanted to go and talk to. We went there and began to teach and talk with the people.  We found the lady we were actually looking for here too, it was her daughter’s house.   We taught them the new Christmas lesson that we designed.  We taught it, in the street, to about 15 people.   One family was members already, and the other was not.  The members shared their testimony.   We taught the Resurrection as the Gift that Jesus Christ has given us. It was just a reinforcement that He is really there guiding, directing and protecting us.

Do you have anyone committed for baptism? How are the discussions going? We have 1 with a date right now so we will see how things go. 

What did you do for p day? And did you meet any of the new people that were transferred into your district?  We played ping-pong and ate hamburgers that we cooked. We ate at the zone leaders apartment.

Next week I think that we are going on a tour of the popolar. 
What was your best meal of the week and did you figure out how to use the outdoor oven. No I haven’t used an outdoor oven I haven’t had an opportunity. I think the best meal this week was from Family A. it was simple beans, tortillas, cheese, egg wow simple things can be so good. Did the A. family eat with you or did you eat alone? Did you tell your comp to stop giving you his food?  We ate together and it was really good cheap and simple, they have very little money and are menos activos but are really nice.

Did you cook any cookies this week? Yes we made sugar cookies. It is a little difficult to cream butter and sugar with forks. But the cookies turned out good and had a good flavor. The frosting was nasty because everything I make is with margarine, butter is way to expensive.

Do you think that you will be able to Skype with us for Christmas or do we need to buy a phone card in the next week and give you the numbers next week so you can call us? Let us know.   I will be able to Skype, I don’t know when, but when I do, I will let you know. 

OH I get to go to San Pedro tomorrow for a multi zone conference so it should be fun. Let me know how hard it is to get around the city and how safe it looks.  We are really only going to the meeting on a bus and then coming back. How much will the bus cost and how long will it take to go both ways?   Are you leaving early in the morning and is it a public bus or a charter for all the missionaries in your area?

Here I am, don’t I look excited. No really thanks for the mp3 I think it will come in handy. 

We haven’t had any opportunities for service. It is a little cold sometimes, and the rest of the time it is just humid. My shoes are fine I just haven’t had time to polish them as much as I would like to.  I think I have lost weight and put on some muscle.  My pants fit fine; I haven’t noticed a change, 

There is a picture of my comp near our tree.  My companion got a packet for the first time. 

Thank you; tell everyone that I am glad for their support.   I don’t have my card on me so I cant get money right now. Have a good week be safe, and thanks for being a good supportive family.

Love Elder Olsen

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