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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Week 94Ocotopeque

How are you feeling? Well I am feeling better I don’t have diarrhea anymore. I just need to keep eating a lot of food, but that will be easy.   My comp is feeling sick still, he is pooping blood now.  He has Helicobacter pylori which causes ulcers.  Did they put him on antibiotics? The medicine comes tomorrow. That doesn't sound good, how long has he been feeling sick? He has been sick since Wednesday.

I had one of these this week in my big toe. Are they ticks and do they bite at night?  No I sat down and took off my sock and there it was, no wonder my toe hurt all day long.  There isn’t any infection but it still kind of hurts a little.  Is that the first tick you have seen on your mission?  No it is my third one in the mission

What is your spiritual experience for the week? it would have to bee the change in attitude of the branch president he has been super de-animated because he expects instant change. But I truly feel like the change is just about to get here, he even has started to plan activities. What kind of activities?  We are going to have a grill party and cook meat and share a message.  It was just amazing to see his attitude change. And now I feel that the branch is going to start to grow. We are working on looking for inactive members there are over 300 of them and less that 30 active. So we have a lot of work to do because this change is coming to an end and the last is soon to begin. Have you found any young men to get come to church?  Well we had 4 young men this week. Hopefully 5 or 6 will come next week.

Tell something funny that happened this week. An investigator gave us backpacks that are completely clear plastic and it is hilarious. Well we have been using them so the man feels good but I truly hope it breaks soon so I don’t have to use it.  The backpacks are great everyone knows what you are packing.  Yes there hilarious and sometimes we just have to laugh about them. No one will rob us

What do you have to do being the district leader? Well I just have to call the other elders and get their goals and things like that. Then on Tuesdays I have to have a meeting with the other 2 elders in our district.

What did you do for p-day? We ate in a hotel, it wasn’t anything special because it was breakfast but it was good. We will have to go back for dinner. Are there places to eat in your city?  There are a lot, there is even waffles and crepes.  Can you get strawberries down there?  Yes they use in the restaurants the frozen berries from price smart from El Salvador.   What about Whipping Cream?  Land of lakes whipped cream in the pressurized canister.  Do any families feed you?  Just one family feeds us on Sunday night. I am looking for new things to cook because I have eaten way too much tuna fish.

What are you studying right now? Lately I have just been studying the lessons in preach my gospel so I can learn how to teach them better and so I can explain things in a way that even a child could understand. There are many people here that just don’t understand much but we will see if the spirit will help them understand. 
When will you meet the new mission president?  We will see him on the 30th; we have to travel 5 hours to a meeting.

Your apartment looks pretty nice.  Does it rain most every day? It rains every day and the power goes out at least every other day.  Does it rain most in the morning, or any time? It usually just rains at night.  Do you have candles in the apt or sit in the dark when the power goes out?  We use the flashlights. 

Well my time is up. Love you all and talk to you next week. We might go super far so if we don’t write there wasn’t time.   We will try and write it all depends just don’t worry if we don’t write, we will have lots of pictures for next week.

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