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Monday, June 27, 2016

Week 95 Ocotopeque

How is the health of you and your companion? Well I am still not completely back too normal. I have been having some back pain lately so we will see what is going on soon because it bothers me all day. Do you still have diarrhea?  Is your back pain down lower? Yes it is lower and I have had diarrhea only today.   I hope that you don't have h pylori.  I don’t think so. My companion is getting better he has been taking the pills for his treatment he has to take more than 80 pills in 10 days. We worked hard this week; some days we had to go slow but we made it. I truly am just worn out at this point but well I am almost done.   I hope that you also have some fun working and it is not all drudgery.  Maybe you should see a doctor.  Next time I end up going to SPS I will have it checked out, and yes I am trying to eat more.

What did you do for p day?  Today we walked to a waterfall and we went and climbed the bell tower in a catholic church and we took many pictures the only problem is that I left my camera in the house and didn’t bring it here to the computer place.  Who went to the waterfall?  My companion and I went.  Only the 2 of you went?  Did you tell the others where you were going so if you got lost?  No we just went, it wasn’t very far there were people on horses all the way there.  How many miles?  It was a lot like 8 miles.  What time did you leave?  About 7:30.  Did you pack a lunch and snacks?  We took chips and bread. 

How is the French bread loaf that you had a picture of last week?  Where did you buy that?  it was really good. I have a number of a bakery and if I call them they bake it fresh and bring it to my house for 30 HNL ($1.32) Do they do the bread special for you?  No it isn’t special but they do seem to make it by order.  How long does it take to order and get the bread?  It takes a couple of hours.

What time do you catch the bus to Copan to meet the president? At 10 in the morning we have to be in la Entrada so we will have to wake up really early that morning to get there. Are you excited to meet the needs pres.?  Yes but not so much about the 5-hour bus ride.  The buses are like greyhound buses and we will leave at about 5. 

Did you do any service this week? Truthfully I don’t remember any service projects this week. 

How was church this week.  Did you get any more young men to church this week?  No we only had two this week. 

Do you have any investigators?  Yes we have quite a few; we just need to help them come to church, that is the hard aspect. How are the members at supporting the new members?  Well they are struggling with that and there is not really good retention. 

How do you like the hot water in your apartment?  Well they only turn the hot water heater on in the night and in the morning so sometimes you have to tough out the cold water but I love having hot water, it is just so nice.  

Well I am out of time so. See you all later love you.

Elder Olsen

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